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Connecting Media to Finance

“No one doubts the economic importance of the creative industries to the UK. At 6.2 per cent of the economy, and growing at twice the rate of other sectors, they are proportionately the largest of any in the world.”

NESTA 2010

Welcome to International Media Invest…

International Media Invest Limited is an independent media and tax advantaged investment specialist. The principals of IMI collectively have over 20 years’ experience in structuring and promoting tax efficient investment opportunities.

Our strong relationships with Independent Financial Advisers, Accountants and Private Banks, enable us to use valuable market feedback to select investment opportunities that impress and motivate their clients to participate.

We undergo extensive due diligence on investment products that are presented to us before taking to market and assist intermediaries with their compliance procedures and client presentations.

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Please note: we do not charge a fee for our recommendations, nor do you receive a lower commission from the product providers we work with than you would if you worked directly with them.