We’re joining the Aurium Capital Markets team!

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in News

We are delighted to announce that we are joining the team at Aurium Capital Markets (“Aurium”) as Business Development Consultants.

Aurium provides specialised (and often bespoke) financial solutions to high net worth, family office, institutional and hedge fund clients, predominantly in Europe and the US. The impressive Aurium team has proven track record in investment banking, structured finance, asset finance and fund management.

Aurium’s goal is to provide sophisticated investors with a platform that is flexible enough to deliver carefully selected investment opportunities in a way that best suits the investor’s requirements. The general approach is to make available the benefits of a fund investment (e.g. expert analysis and due diligence, professional execution, ongoing monitoring and management) without some of the constraints (e.g. loss of control and transparency).

Aurium’s product focus is primarily on innovative investment opportunities within the UK Property, Renewable Energy and Asset Finance sectors. In addition to in-house expertise, Aurium collaborates with highly respected industry experts with proven track records in each of these sectors.

For further information about the Aurium team, please see their website: www.auriumcapitalmarkets.com.

Along side this consultancy role, we will continue to run International Media Invest, providing professional advisers with tax efficient, alternative investment opportunities in the media sector, along with our full due diligence service and post investment care.

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