Motion Picture Capital EIS 

The Motion Picture Capital Production Fund is a HMRC Approved EIS. It is a unique EIS investment opportunity with genuine growth prospects, with risk management to minimise downside potential.

It provides an opportunity to invest in film and television productions which have proven to be highly resilient sectors even during the global downturn.

Motion Picture Capital is a subsidiary of the well known media and entertainment group, Reliance Entertainment.  Other Reliance Entertainment companies include DreamWorks Studios and IM Global, one of the world’s most successful film sales agents.

Recent Reliance pictures include Cowboys and Aliens, The Help and the much anticipated Steven Spielberg film, War Horse.
The Motion Picture Capital management team is headed up by Leon Clarance, CEO.  Leon is an experienced industry specialist with in depth knowledge of large scale studio movies as well as independent films and has executed over £2bn worth of structured finance arrangements over the past 6 years.


  • A unique opportunity to invest directly into a slate of independent films and television programmes;
  • Potential for significant upside with risk management to offer downside protection through structured investment;
  • Investment made via Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) for tax efficiency;
  • Benefits from Reliance Entertainment’s huge resources and Strategic Relationships including development deals with leading Hollywood talent;
  • Studio level distribution opportunities provide a platform to reach a greater audience;
  • No middleman so low initial charges and no Annual Management Charges to investors

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