SW Constructions (Residential) Limited (SWCRL)

There is a widely acknowledged and on-going crisis in the UK construction industry which has impacted, in particular, the smaller, niche construction companies. Such niche construction companies are often unable to tender competitively for, or secure, the more lucrative construction projects due to a perceived weakness in their capital base and a lack of experienced management.

It is in this climate that the Directors of SWCRL believe that there is a strong opportunity for a new, well capitalised, well managed construction company to enter the market.

SWCRL is an investment opportunity seeking to take advantage of the current position by equity capitalising a niche construction company. The money raised will be used to commence construction on projects for Developers, secured against prime UK Real Estate.

Board of Directors

Andrew Stokes – construction and building business owner

Peter Kelland – former Davis Langdon Equity Partner, cost construction consultant

Kevin Smith – former CBRE Director

Key Benefits:

  • Target return of 119p per Share net of management Performance Fee
  • Equates to an annual net of tax return of 19.38% (including EIS relief)
  • Annual gross of tax equivalent return of 35.23% (including EIS relief)
  • 30% income tax relief on investment up to £1m (i.e. net investment of 70p in a £1)
  • Possible capital gains tax deferral on investment into Shares
  • No capital gains tax on sale or liquidation of Shares after 3 years (subject to EIS rules)
  • Business Property Relief for IHT purposes after 2 years
  • Business Investment Relief – for certain UK resident non domiciled investors
  • Advance Assurance received from HMRC

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This summary is for Intermediaries only and not for Retail Investors.

The summary does not constitute legal, taxation, investment, or other advice.

Risk warnings are set out in detail in the Information Memorandum and should be considering along with independent financial advice prior to making a decision to invest.

This summary is for Intermediaries only and not for Retail Investors.